Saturday, February 16, 2013

Northam Beach Cafe

Northam Beach Cafe,  this is a old beach side bungalow, along Penang Northam Road, converted in to a Chinese Upmarket Food Court that open only a night.  Please do note that its essential a non halal establishment, with pork and beer serve.  Customer to this place,  do bring their own wine and liquor, as sign clearly show that there is a corkage charge for Bring Your Own Drinks.     I heard about this place for quite some time but some how or other did not visit or pass by at the right time. 

To Find this place look for Northam Hotel (All Suite) on your GPS,  its just opposite 
Food available here are  (as at 2013 Feb) are typical penang hawkers food,  with German Sausages,  Syrian Food,  Thai Food, and western food serve semi alfresco style, in comfortable chairs and table,  some with view of the Butterworth Sea Front.  Food Prices here are above the normal Penang Rate by RM0.50 or RM1.00 or more per item.  Basically you are paying for the Ambiance of a Sea Side Meal .......  Wifi is available if you believe the sign,  I get wifi signal all right,  but no internet access.  

Quality of Food here is on the higher end of Penang Standard,  Not necessary the best in Penang but definitely good.  The quantity may suffer,  Pricing is tourist price / KL price.  You get the convenience of a "Clean" Kopi Tiam, with Chinese Music,  Beach Side Cafe with a Nice View.    Parking is complimentary,  Would recommend that yu arrive around 6.45pm to enjoy the view before your dinner. 

 Wan Tan Mee
 Hokkian Mee  RM4.00 per bowl
 Wood Fire Pizza  Cheese Only RM12/-  medium size,   
this is the 2nd place in Penang to Get Wood fire Pizza (at a Food Court)  
 Fried Hokkian Mee Penang Style
The KL Hokkian Char or what we Penang Lang call Tai Lok Mee look interesting,  that will be for the next visit
Ju Hu Eng Chye (the best dish of the Night) /  Sotong Kangkong / Water Convolvulus with Brown Cuttlefish,  is done to perfection here. (at least for me) RM7/- for a small, small plate,  The Rojak from the same stall is also good.  

Thai Pork Leg Rice is also on target during the next trip

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celcom Porta Wifi

Just got a Celcom Porta Wifi,  Pretty easy to use,  each devise have its own password,  all you have to do is slot in the sim card, and you are good to go 

Am using the prepaid option,  so i can actually change sim card instead of reloading the old sim card. 

Seems smooth,  like the fact that you can use it at home, to 5 devices using the USB Plug to power it with out getting a wifi router,  and you can also use it in your car using the car cigarette adapter,  Also can plug in direct to any divice USB port.  

For this month am using the RM68 per month package,  after that lets see....  

Golden Wrap Chicken - KFC latest Promo

Was at Sunway Carnival SPS, yesterday afternoon,  Kids had KFC, so I decided to have the KFC latest promo,  Golden Wrap Chicken.  

Its basically Paper Wrap Whole Chicken Leg,  with mushrooms and corn inside, quite well done,  well cook 100% but still very juicy !!!!  (I use the bun to soak up the juice,  Made the cold, getting stale bun palatable,  why doesn't KFC heat up this buns i do not know) ,  very tender!!!!!,  Very Peppery but pricy overall ,  the chicken was a tad small for the price.  

Took a long time though for the chicken to arrive, it was serve close to boiling hot, and with out cutlery!  (I had hot fingers)   kids have almost finish their one piece of fried chicken,     Will I come back for more,  I will if am force into KFC, its better then eating fried dry chicken.     

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Samsung W, Problems encoutered

My Samsung W, is now more then one years old,  and due to a few problems I have a couple of rants to get off my Chest.

RANT Number 1:  Why Samsung do not want to update the Android 2 Soft to Android 4, for the W?  The S2 which is even older, is getting Jelly Bean!,  It cannot be the specs, as the new Samsung Young and Fame spec is even lesser then the W and this 2 phones run on Jelly bean.  

RANT Number 2:  Battery KO,  not one but 2,  same symptoms, both phones Samsung W about 1 year old,  both batt got pregnant,  that what the shop said,  seems to be a common problem .  Working ok then while i was taking Photo,  blank screen,  Batt about 50% change,  then Batt 0% charge.  Well I made the decision to purchase a Sun Global replacement batt,  even higher MAH then the original,  even cheaper   

Rant Number 3 involve Digi as well.  When after the Post Paid Bill comes,  but before the date line,  from time to time,  my phone will go to "Emergency Calls only" mode,  first I though is because of the area where i stay & work, as the signals are a bit spotty there,  but I still get this problems in the Middle of George Town.  to Get my phone to work again,  ie to make calls I have to reboot it.  So is it Samsung Problems or Digi Problems

Last thing,  Now am switching on my wifi full day, as i get wifi at work place and at home, and have set GMail to auto sync,  Work well,  not much penalty in Batt power.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunway Carnival Seberang Jaya

Had a late lunch at Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Food Court, Basement Level,  What surprise me is the food is not too bad, pricing is a tad higher then the Kopi Tiams, and the taste almost like original,  unfortunately for me the Curry Mee has a bitter taste.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Alza - First Non Schedule Maintenance

Alza - First Non Schedule Maintenance

After 1 year 9 months, 30K of running without fail, come the first non schedule maintanence for my alza,  Battery KO,  no warning at all.

All a sudden when I wanted to go home from work,  the car refuse to start,  the starter did not even move,  Batteries now a days does not seem to last,  Well I suppose that 1 year 9 months is not bad,  have hear that some ppl have to change within 1 years, while some lasted longer then that.

Well its all part of owning a car,  RM220 for a dry maintenance battery,  Change to Nova Brand, Made in Korea as per my mechanic suggestion. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysian Budget 2013 th aftermath

the aftermath of the Budget Speech,  this is what i think i heard,  will check the new tomorrow 

The Good   (for me that is) 
 - RM100 per student   -  (I get X 2)
 - 1% down on Personal Income Tax  -  (good)
 - Free Medical Check up at Govt / Panel Clinic for above 40 Perkeso Members  -  (if diagnose free treatment?) 
 - Buying House,  get stamp duty rebate till end of 2014 -  intend to buy my 1st apartment in 2014

The Bad  (for me that is) 
 - Sugar Price up RM0.20 per kg

The Interesting
 - Insurance for Registered Hawkers and petty traders?  -  ( Will food price maintain? )
 - Registered Kindergarten / Childcare get all sorts of benefits  ( will childcare and kindergarten price maintain or even drop!) 
 - Rebate of RM200 for Smart Phone with 3G Purchase (for certain shops)  if you are between 21 to 30 and earning ....   (why 21 to 30, only,  all use hand phones now a day to go to net,  apply to all age regardless, and open for tablet computers as well.  

Many others but this is what  I basically pick up 

Malaysian Budget 2013 .....

Today is the day, i will (among others) be stuck in front of the TV at 4pm hoping for good news,  from what I have been reading in the media,  the Malaysian Budget it seem will be looking for the welfare for the Distress Middle income earners of RM5000 to RM10000 a month, after looking into the low income group last year.   

( Use to think that RM5K a month is a very good income some 10 years back, so RM10K a month is now in the distress)

I fall within this bracket, so  the last few budget did not do much for me (there were some benefits yes), but so far where i stay i do not see I Malaysia Shops, 1 Malaysia Clinic and so on, further to that I am in the income tax bracket,  that most of my small yearly raise, is almost wipe up. 



Monday, September 24, 2012

Malaysian Budget 2013

What is in store for Malaysian Tax payers, come this friday?  

While browsing through the NST this morning,  It seem that the top 5 People request is the 
1.  Retain BR1M and Annual allowances for students.
2.  Make Govt buildings and Public Facility disabled friendly
3.  Cut taxes on imported car by half
4.  Reduce Driving Licence Fees for Motorcycists from RM20 to RM10  
5.  Build more houses costing below RM150000 

Well I can safely predict that wish number 3 will be hard to achieve, 

As for number 2,  I do think it need to be quantify,  ie by when, and what does disabled friendly means

For Number 5 yes,  i would wish for this,  again this need to be quantify,  how many, by when, which locations,  specification of the houses, etc,  and very important READY BUILT HOUSE.  ie  Build then Sell.     

For me the most important is that i can reduce my expenses.  Direct Items like
1.  Higher Relief of EPF & Insurance (Life & Health)
2.  Relief for Internet Services
3.  Relief for Green Practices
4.  Higher Relief for Children Staying With you
5.  Higher Relief for Parents & including Parents in Law
 While indirect items to reduce food, transportation, and other expences bills are very important. 

We shall see this friday, if what come up helps..... 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Acer Tablet A510 - Accessories

Accessories for the Acer Tablet A510 seems to be unavailable or very hard to find.

I have been running to all the Major Shopping Complexes in Seberang Prai, trying to get a protractor screen & a book cover for the tablet.

I finally found one mobile accessories shop who is willing to modify a protractor screen to fit the A510, that cost me RM30, that is after like 10 shops.

As for the book cover, it just like the only tablet out there is the Ipad, nothing else seems to exist, other then for the Samsung tablet 10.1, or the Samsung tablet 2 7.0, I finally found the book cover at Mega Mall Prai, at one of the 2nd floor shop. Cost me RM88/-

I have not yet start looking for a car charger or the dock ..........

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