Thursday, February 14, 2013

Golden Wrap Chicken - KFC latest Promo

Was at Sunway Carnival SPS, yesterday afternoon,  Kids had KFC, so I decided to have the KFC latest promo,  Golden Wrap Chicken.  

Its basically Paper Wrap Whole Chicken Leg,  with mushrooms and corn inside, quite well done,  well cook 100% but still very juicy !!!!  (I use the bun to soak up the juice,  Made the cold, getting stale bun palatable,  why doesn't KFC heat up this buns i do not know) ,  very tender!!!!!,  Very Peppery but pricy overall ,  the chicken was a tad small for the price.  

Took a long time though for the chicken to arrive, it was serve close to boiling hot, and with out cutlery!  (I had hot fingers)   kids have almost finish their one piece of fried chicken,     Will I come back for more,  I will if am force into KFC, its better then eating fried dry chicken.     

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