Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysian Budget 2013 .....

Today is the day, i will (among others) be stuck in front of the TV at 4pm hoping for good news,  from what I have been reading in the media,  the Malaysian Budget it seem will be looking for the welfare for the Distress Middle income earners of RM5000 to RM10000 a month, after looking into the low income group last year.   

( Use to think that RM5K a month is a very good income some 10 years back, so RM10K a month is now in the distress)

I fall within this bracket, so  the last few budget did not do much for me (there were some benefits yes), but so far where i stay i do not see I Malaysia Shops, 1 Malaysia Clinic and so on, further to that I am in the income tax bracket,  that most of my small yearly raise, is almost wipe up. 



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