Monday, September 24, 2012

Malaysian Budget 2013

What is in store for Malaysian Tax payers, come this friday?  

While browsing through the NST this morning,  It seem that the top 5 People request is the 
1.  Retain BR1M and Annual allowances for students.
2.  Make Govt buildings and Public Facility disabled friendly
3.  Cut taxes on imported car by half
4.  Reduce Driving Licence Fees for Motorcycists from RM20 to RM10  
5.  Build more houses costing below RM150000 

Well I can safely predict that wish number 3 will be hard to achieve, 

As for number 2,  I do think it need to be quantify,  ie by when, and what does disabled friendly means

For Number 5 yes,  i would wish for this,  again this need to be quantify,  how many, by when, which locations,  specification of the houses, etc,  and very important READY BUILT HOUSE.  ie  Build then Sell.     

For me the most important is that i can reduce my expenses.  Direct Items like
1.  Higher Relief of EPF & Insurance (Life & Health)
2.  Relief for Internet Services
3.  Relief for Green Practices
4.  Higher Relief for Children Staying With you
5.  Higher Relief for Parents & including Parents in Law
 While indirect items to reduce food, transportation, and other expences bills are very important. 

We shall see this friday, if what come up helps..... 

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