Saturday, February 16, 2013

Northam Beach Cafe

Northam Beach Cafe,  this is a old beach side bungalow, along Penang Northam Road, converted in to a Chinese Upmarket Food Court that open only a night.  Please do note that its essential a non halal establishment, with pork and beer serve.  Customer to this place,  do bring their own wine and liquor, as sign clearly show that there is a corkage charge for Bring Your Own Drinks.     I heard about this place for quite some time but some how or other did not visit or pass by at the right time. 

To Find this place look for Northam Hotel (All Suite) on your GPS,  its just opposite 
Food available here are  (as at 2013 Feb) are typical penang hawkers food,  with German Sausages,  Syrian Food,  Thai Food, and western food serve semi alfresco style, in comfortable chairs and table,  some with view of the Butterworth Sea Front.  Food Prices here are above the normal Penang Rate by RM0.50 or RM1.00 or more per item.  Basically you are paying for the Ambiance of a Sea Side Meal .......  Wifi is available if you believe the sign,  I get wifi signal all right,  but no internet access.  

Quality of Food here is on the higher end of Penang Standard,  Not necessary the best in Penang but definitely good.  The quantity may suffer,  Pricing is tourist price / KL price.  You get the convenience of a "Clean" Kopi Tiam, with Chinese Music,  Beach Side Cafe with a Nice View.    Parking is complimentary,  Would recommend that yu arrive around 6.45pm to enjoy the view before your dinner. 

 Wan Tan Mee
 Hokkian Mee  RM4.00 per bowl
 Wood Fire Pizza  Cheese Only RM12/-  medium size,   
this is the 2nd place in Penang to Get Wood fire Pizza (at a Food Court)  
 Fried Hokkian Mee Penang Style
The KL Hokkian Char or what we Penang Lang call Tai Lok Mee look interesting,  that will be for the next visit
Ju Hu Eng Chye (the best dish of the Night) /  Sotong Kangkong / Water Convolvulus with Brown Cuttlefish,  is done to perfection here. (at least for me) RM7/- for a small, small plate,  The Rojak from the same stall is also good.  

Thai Pork Leg Rice is also on target during the next trip

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