Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Samsung W, Problems encoutered

My Samsung W, is now more then one years old,  and due to a few problems I have a couple of rants to get off my Chest.

RANT Number 1:  Why Samsung do not want to update the Android 2 Soft to Android 4, for the W?  The S2 which is even older, is getting Jelly Bean!,  It cannot be the specs, as the new Samsung Young and Fame spec is even lesser then the W and this 2 phones run on Jelly bean.  

RANT Number 2:  Battery KO,  not one but 2,  same symptoms, both phones Samsung W about 1 year old,  both batt got pregnant,  that what the shop said,  seems to be a common problem .  Working ok then while i was taking Photo,  blank screen,  Batt about 50% change,  then Batt 0% charge.  Well I made the decision to purchase a Sun Global replacement batt,  even higher MAH then the original,  even cheaper   

Rant Number 3 involve Digi as well.  When after the Post Paid Bill comes,  but before the date line,  from time to time,  my phone will go to "Emergency Calls only" mode,  first I though is because of the area where i stay & work, as the signals are a bit spotty there,  but I still get this problems in the Middle of George Town.  to Get my phone to work again,  ie to make calls I have to reboot it.  So is it Samsung Problems or Digi Problems

Last thing,  Now am switching on my wifi full day, as i get wifi at work place and at home, and have set GMail to auto sync,  Work well,  not much penalty in Batt power.  

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