Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysian Budget 2013 th aftermath

the aftermath of the Budget Speech,  this is what i think i heard,  will check the new tomorrow 

The Good   (for me that is) 
 - RM100 per student   -  (I get X 2)
 - 1% down on Personal Income Tax  -  (good)
 - Free Medical Check up at Govt / Panel Clinic for above 40 Perkeso Members  -  (if diagnose free treatment?) 
 - Buying House,  get stamp duty rebate till end of 2014 -  intend to buy my 1st apartment in 2014

The Bad  (for me that is) 
 - Sugar Price up RM0.20 per kg

The Interesting
 - Insurance for Registered Hawkers and petty traders?  -  ( Will food price maintain? )
 - Registered Kindergarten / Childcare get all sorts of benefits  ( will childcare and kindergarten price maintain or even drop!) 
 - Rebate of RM200 for Smart Phone with 3G Purchase (for certain shops)  if you are between 21 to 30 and earning ....   (why 21 to 30, only,  all use hand phones now a day to go to net,  apply to all age regardless, and open for tablet computers as well.  

Many others but this is what  I basically pick up 

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