Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre Festive Off Day Events

Took my weekly off yesterday,

1. Work up, send number one daughter to morning school, when in to town, purchase nasi lemak for breakfast and the newspaper

2. at 9.10am when to the Mother and Child clinic, number 3 daughter regular check, nurse say have grown 2cm. Surprisingly just 5 child today at the clinic, took about 20 min, usually may take I hours in total

3. Service my Proton Aeroback 1.3 at the local mechanic, Change Engine Oil, Change oil Filter, Change Air Filter, in preparation for my trip back to Tg Bungah, Its time anyway been 3 months already RM95/-

4. When for prefestive Hair Cut at the Neighbouring Barber Shop, RM 10, increase of RM2 due to festive season.......

5. Number one daughter back from school with 4 books of home work, she finish one book the we when out on shopping trip to get the rest of the needed items. First Stop Eco Save in Butterworth, first time, was eying the suger oranges, just a few miserable oranges left, any way got some nice tanglong decorative lights (will post the picture later), and 2 cartons of oranges among other things total came up to RM50/-

6. Headed for a 3 story Decoration shop at Prai, Taman Inderawasih, near Butterworth AAM , Sorry no names as the shop do not what publicity, cannot take photo, was thinking of a post, and also to purchase items for my work place, but if cannot show boss what I want to buy never mind. Prices here seem to have shot up as well.

7. Was hungry, With the GPS look up char koey teow bagan and tried to find it cannot find, nearest Chinese coffee shop also close, again check for the next on, Key’s Char Koey Teow, again also close, never mind, when directly to Carrefour Prai, headed in to KFC at the food court, and had their tea time specials at RM3.50 per set. I had the M’D soft Ice cream Choco top instead.... there is some thing about soft vanilla icecream with chocolate ........ total around RM20/-

8. The started to walk around. One thing I must say, Carrefour really do things well for the festive period. They even have this Chinese New Year Clothings, which no other place have, well it’s just a few days before the New Year so they are having special offer to get rid of stock, some perishable decos they are giving away 1 free for every one you buy. I got for my self and my wife each a Chinese Style Shirt at 30% discount and other items RM106/- . We already purchase for the kids earlier.... and with what left of this month budget......

9. Headed home and stop at my usual Kopi Tiam at Bukit Tengah to tapau (pack) Roast duck and Pork for dinner RM17/-.... See here for post on this Kopi Tiam....

My Dinner .....

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