Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Digi Experience – So Far ........


Conclusion: Mix but Generally Excellent, Fast, Efficient when it works, when it flops it flops...

1. Just received my first bill from Digi and the dealer that did my registration got it wrong in my call plans, Other than calling digi help line the dealer was completely unhelpful and even dare to suggested if I am not happy they can terminate the line for me. But Digi Service is top notch, within just 30 min of the call (and this is after 5pm), a sms came to confirm my new plan..........

2. When paying the bill, at another dealer, before I could even get the receipt, the SMS arrive confirming payment. time was after 5pm. Now that also Top Notch and that fast, my previous service provider ...... took a few minutes usually......

3. On a Sunday, after I complaint on the Plan the Dealer registered via the ”Contact Digi” at digi.com, within 5 hours, I received a E mail saying that they will rebate me for the difference. Now how many companies will handle this type of money matters on a Sunday? Again Top Notch.

4. The “OCS” does not score so high. I have been trying to register for the “OCS” from the 1st Jan 09, I could not even register till Sunday (18th), then I was waiting for the SMS for the TPIN, Did not get it at all, I again register today(20th). Within 30 seconds after hitting the enter key, my SMS when off and there was the TPIN. I when in to Family and Friends and “tried” to register my frequent call number- no luck..... I tried in the afternoon, it works then, response sms was also very fast. Further, the digi web seems to be very sluggish.

All I can say is, when Digi Service Work, they can be extremely good and extremely fast, but when they flop I personally feel very let down, We cannot use the excuse “they are like that” when comparing with other service providers, it’s disappointing as overall they are extremely good. I am not talking of Dealers, Of course efficient control over the dealers service will be difficult to say the least if not downright impossible.

So Digi have been scoring 10,10,10,6 for a total of 36points , with an average of 9 points..... the Dealer I will rate them as only 2 points for the foul up over the lucky number, (see earlier post here), the foul up over my call plans, the foul up over suggesting to cancelled my new number. Just that The Fat Yellow Fellow is just not following me around all over the place at my work place, at certain place he goes MIA ....... he may be stepping out for a cigg.... but comes looking for me soon.

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