Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bukit Tengah Kedai Kopi

Alfresco Dinning at Affordable price

Coordinates N 05.20 . 958 E 100. 26.074

As it was already too late to head back home and cook, ( by the time we got out of autocity its was already 7.00pm), we decided to stop at Bukit Tengah Kedai Kopi, our regular place to tapau Roast Duck, Char Siew (Honey Roast Pork) and Siew Yeok (Crispy Roast Pork) for our dinner.

Bukit Tengah Kedai Kopi is one of my favourite places for the above items, 1) it is on the route back to my SPS home, from Prai, 2) It has a very big car park, at the side, 3) there is a good verity of food items at this place all the usual stuffs found in a Penang Kedai Kopi, 4) the price is pretty reasonable.

It is a bit unique as it is design with a courtyard concept; with a centre open air area, where you can sit and eat alfresco style and watch the giant LCD TV. As such it’s breezy and airy. Its main business is targeted for evenings and late night.

My wife had the economy rice, RM2.80 for 3 items, We share a Char Koey Teow large RM3.50 (which was ok, Prai standard, but it could be better, if the cook had bother to listen for specification) and I took the curry mee, for RM2.50 which is surprisingly to Penang island normal standards.

Number 1 and Number 2, Shared a Mushroom soup and a Breakfast Special all for RM7.80. Number 3 nibble some of the chicken serve with the Breakfast Special and rice from mum before having her usual dinner on the way home in the car.

Some of the Food picture a bit blur..... Must find out why! First time using Nokia N82 for Food Photos. Must learn the settings.

Location :

It’s easy to find, Right in the Heart of Bukit Tengah, it opposite the Indian Temple, as you come down south from the Bukit Tengah Round About, it’s a few hundred meters just after the traffic lights turn off into Bukit Mertajam, and when you see the Indian Temple turn left to a side road and immediately left again into the car park.

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