Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alza Fuel Consumption on Highway

Time for a update on my Alza,  Been a long time from the last Alza post, and from that time I have made a few long distance trip using the PLUS Highway with some town driving, and have compile the fuel consumption.

Trip 1
Pg to KL : Speed Avg 80 - 90kmph, 437km total, 5.3lt per 100km/18.86km per lt / 0.10sen per km
KL to Pg : Speed Avg 110kmph, 379km total, 6.8lt per 100km / 14.69km per lt / 0.13 sen per km

Trip 2
Ipoh - Jawi - Ipoh : Speed Avg 100km, 325km total, 6.1lt per km / 16.23km per lt / 0.12 sen per km
Ipoh to KL : Speed Avg 100kmph, 254km total, 6.1 lt per 100km / 16.36km per lt / 0.12 sen per km
KL to Pg + Local : Speed Avg 90kmph, 463km total, 6.3lt per 100km / 15.73km per lt / 0.12 sen

Fuel consumption is calculated out manually base upon KM reading and Full tank petrol, On Board Fuel computer give inaccurate reading of usually +- 0.5lt.

Conclusion? :

Best speed is at 80kmph Average - that can get you 5.3lt per 100km but then driving on the highway at 80kmph?
At 100kmph Average - the Alza will get around 6.1lt per 100km
At 110kmph Average - Fuel consumption will hit 6.8lt per 100km

Unfortunately the Alza is not fitted with a Auto Cruise to keep the speed steady, For me Driving a constant speed of 80kmph on the highway for 300 + km was impossible. A little bit of inattention will see the vehicle at 105KMPH or above, or even at 65kmph. So it became a unpleasing driving experience trying to keep at 80kmph.

The best consistent speed I manage is of 100KMph +- 10km. At this speed you will be keeping up with the traffic, and you can just cruise, it became a pleasurable driving experience,  The difference in Petrol is around RM7/- after all.  less then one nasi kandar meal.  

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