Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maxis Home Wifi - First Impression

Maxis Home Wifi – First Impression.

Just change to Maxis Home Wifi, the RM99 monthly version comes with the following

· A Cordless Phone (Panasonic I think)

o Come with 200 min free call to fix line & mobile phone nation wide

o Additional charge as RM0.10 per min above 200 min

· A Wifi Modem

· Speed of 7.2mbps

· 20gb Quota Total per month

o 5gb during 8am to 2am

o 15gb during 2am to 8am

· 12 month min contract

· RM100 activation fee (during promo period)

Why? I do think it’s worth it. For RM100 activation fee, you get a free wifi modem (lock to maxis?), a cordless phone. The Monthly RM99, RM70 of it is equivalent to my current celcom broadband, 5GB, the extra RM29, I get, 200 min of free calls, 15GB of extra quota for download, between 2am to 8am, and at much faster speed of 7.2mbps.

First Impression – Good (touch wood)

· Good Service by the Maxis Man (did the set up for me)

· Surfing was Fast – Good

· Downloading at 2am to 8am - 2.2mb download, 0.4mb upload (Best ever, see speed up to 400+kbs)

Items To do over the next few day

· Set up the cordless phone & start calling

· Do a speed test

· On Monday - Cancel celcom broad band the RM68 version ……,

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