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Acer Icornia Tab A510 User Review

Acer Iconia Tab A510 User Review
This is my 2nd tablet, and My 3rd Android Device, The First on Android 4. This would be my point of view in this review.

My First tablet was a 7in no name brand tablet, purchase more than one year back. As a gadget it was disappointing, need to be charge every 2.5 hrs or less even with no wifi on, brightness at minimum, but there were I started to learn Android (V.2). A Tablet to me is a portable gaming computer & browser with some computing functionality. 

My Next Android is my Samsung W, a much better gadget, better built and equip, and its a 4 in smartphone. Now I just purchase my 3rd Android, a 10in tablet running on Android 4 with out 3G, for my Family to play around with. It’s a pretty Good buy I must say. 

Android V4 vs V2 comparison
Those who have use Android V2 will have no difficulty, it’s almost the same ……, The Acer Ring is new though, provides you with short cuts to 4 locations eg settings, camera, screen shots and volume control every where, its built in the lock screen as well.
Opinion: This Tablet seems to be optimize for screenshots…..

Tablet Built
Overall high standards, more then 600grms, but thin, feels heavy though. Just minor

The volume rocker, feel loose, the micro usb location , (I am not complaining) not too happy where it is, but then I suppose that to dock the tablet, the micro usb have to be it that position at the bottom edge. ( Further the tablet, which charge through the micro usb as well means that y ou cannot use any usb device when you are charging)

Image / Screen & Camera
I have no complaints here. More then adequate for me. Tablet should only have front camera. A back camera have no use (for me that is) unless we use it to take photo of visitors.

No paper manual is provided other then the warranty, and a quick start guide, You want the manual, download it your self at Acer website!.

Openion: Cost cutting, Eco conscious Company, Why cant you have the Manual In the tablet its self as a EBook? Convenience for the customer!

Home Screen
Controls pretty well thought out, No actual physical buttons so everything is on the edge as software buttons, Notification is at the bottom left with time, Apps is at the top left, Google Search and Voice is at the top right, and at the bottom right is the all important back bottom, the Home button, and the last apps use botton.

Apps & Software
The Acer A510 come preloaded with some software / apps, some are evergreen, and some of them are the latest porpular apps. Among those preloaded are A510, Aupeo, Calculator, Clearfi, Email, Evernote, Gmail, Google+, latitude, Lumiroad, Media Server, Messenger, Movie Studio, People, Places, Play Music, Play Store, Polarios Office, Tegra Zone Game, Virus scan, You Tube.

On my own in a 12 hours marathon, (thanks to setting up my Samsung W, that time took me 3 days downloading and discarding apps) to down load 20 games (including the 4 angry bird games), 2 dictionaries, A first aid guide (British red cross), some update of the apps already in the tablet and a couple of tools (GPS coordinates, compass, speed test, conversion calculator, Battery Widget) all totaling around 300mb. All the apps I choose were free & from Play Store the successor of Google Market. .

Opinion : This the beauty of the Android Software, You can get tons and tons of good basic software & games (call apps) for Free (other then downloading it), and for those with money to spare they can get uprated upgrade versions with increase function ability when you pay for it. The same can be said for Apple soft ware, I suppose. From what I understand, android has more free apps. 

Having had a 2.5hrs its time to recharge tablet, and Samsung W Smart Phone, which have a recharge cycle of around 8 hours, with the Wifi on, 3G off, Bluetooth off, GPS off,Screen On, Downloading Apps from Google Apps (the W last me 3 days, with wifi off, 3G off, GPS off, Screen on 0% brightness, location off, background data off), I was shock by the A510 Tablet. 

This no 3G/2G Tablet Wifi only Tablet drop a total of 60% of the charge, for my 12 hours marathon, downloading, with location on, wifi on, auto sync on, screen on auto brightness). A fluke? Nope, the next day my kids have a Game Playing marathon, with the wifi on the whole time, After 12 hours, Battery remaining is 40%
Opinion : Any Tablet that can last at least 12 hours on full charge (with wifi on) playing games or down loading is Excellent. (12 hours is my guideline for a full day at work, or out of house playing/travelling) My Toshiba NB305, Net Book when new only give me around 6 to 8 hours with wifi on. So with 40% remaining after 12 hrs of downloading with wifi on, it more then Excellent.

Final Observation(for now - Day 2)
  • Happy!
  • The battery is a killer! See Above!

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