Thursday, December 8, 2011

Which Phone to select ?

Which Phone to select ?

Operating System Selected :

Android as I read that more then 50% of new smart phone use android, Its quite user friendly, Apps are not restricted, and are freely available and can be install without problems, and quite a bit are free!

Which Company?

Samsung, HTC, Sony produce Android Phones, (Sorry Nokia, Apple), Currently Samsung is the top Producer (20%), followed by HTC (4%) and Sony (3%), read the figures somewhere, % of market share.

I have look at a number of models, and have narrow down the field to 6 mid range phones (which will be a upgrade from my Nokia 5800, there are 2 phones each from the 3 major producers

Samsung Galaxy Ace is on special offer at RM699 now, however it specs is a tad on the low side, very low internal memory, 800 cpu, screen is a 3.5in , 320 by 400.

Samsung Galaxy W, is price at RM999, with a fastest CPU of 1.4 ghz (single core), 2g on board, however I do not seem to be able to find a proper review of the phone (too new I imagine), however some site’s indicate 18hrs talk time on 2G!

HTC Desire S, is price around RM1200 - RM1500, has a metal body, the highest ram at 700+, 1.1g on Board memory, It has HTC sense a very nice overlay over the Android OS.

HTC Salsa, is price around RM900 – RM1000, also have a metal body, cpu is at 800, HTC sense, however it does not have a document editor and it’s video cam is not hd.

SE Xperia Neo V is price pretty low at around RM810 to RM910, Camera have panorama mode, Its brand new, also no proper review, and have the best screen resolution. However it internal memory is low.

SE Xperia Ray, has the best camera of the lot at 8mp, the lightest at 100grms, but has the smallest screen, do not have Document Editor. Price at RM850/1K

Of the 6, In terms of Hardware and Software mix, I think HTC Desire S, is the best (metal body, htc sense), Samsung Galaxy W, come in as number 2 with the highest, internal memory & cpu speed.

In terms of Pricing, Samsung Galaxy W look very attractive, especially with the highest spec in cpu, and internal memory , and from what I understand samsung android overlay is not too bad either.

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