Friday, December 30, 2011

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice Nagore Road "Branch"

Located in a Prewar Shop House (actually a house) along Nagore Road, (Not too far from New World Park) is a "Branch" of the Famose Fatty Loh Chicken Rice, which is operated by one of the Sons of the Original Fatty Loh. It's Seems there is 3 of this Branch in Penang.

Some 30 plus years back, Fatty Loh Chicken rice, was located at a Shack, and the corner of Fettes Roads, and Jalan Tanjung Tokong. It was one of My family favorite eating spots, as it has one of the best chicken rice in town.

Once the shop close (due to a complex being built there), the 3 brothers split up (I think) each operated their own Fatty Loh Chicken Rice Shop!

Well I drop by at this branch, and had lunch here, Not Bad, still among the top chicken rice, but somehow i still prefer the chicken at the Fettes Road Outlet. However the Service here is much better.

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