Saturday, December 31, 2011

Asian BBQ at Komtar Penang

Steam boat is never on my Favorite Page, unless its an all pork spare part affair, & i can get to cook what i want, Not all dump in to the Pot at one go. Frankly speaking Goh Huat Seng is the place to go for steam boat for me.

There is this restaurant in Komtar Penang that has put together Steam Boat with Korean BBQ, Its call Asian BBQ, to me a perfect Match. My In laws can have steam boat, I can have my BBQ.

I ordered 2 sets, One Steam boat set, the other a BBQ set, for 4 adults, 5 children, with drinks that came up to RM98, to me a very reasonable price, considering what has been offered, Prawns, Bacon, Chicken, Fish on top of the usual fish ball etc. Nicely presented, though I find that they can put more noodles on the Set.

One thing that is disappointing for me is that Water is charge at RM1 per small glass, the same price as Chinese Tea. If you want to charge for water, that fine, provide those 500ml bts.

The Photo Above is the Steam Boat Set, While the one at the bottom is the BBQ set, What the difference? Just that the meat and fish is thinly slice for the BBQ set to make it easier cooking.

The Difference in this Restaurant, Over the other BBQ Steamboat Restaurant is the Griller, (forgot to take photo) is that the usual restaurant it that you have a pot in the center and the grilling part is at the side. This Restaurant it the other way round, you have a grill in the center which is half a sphere, with the soup in a small, narrow rim at the side. Juice, Fats of items you grill will run down in to the soup.

Also Provided is a pot for the steamboat, you can have a choice of Clear Soup or Tom Yam Soup. However at my table it seems not to be working properly, takes too long to come to boil.

if you are feeling Cold walking around in Komtar, this will be a nice restaurant for you to drop by, its not too pricy for the Average Man in the Street for a Family treat.

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