Monday, January 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy W (wonder) Review Part 7 Battery life

Samsung Galaxy W (wonder) Review Part 7 Battery life

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today my topic is the Galaxy W Battery, its a hot topic in the blogs and Forums, with some people praising its excellent life and some people condemning its poor life.

What i will do is try to establish some bench marks with direct comparison with my previous phone the Nokia 5800.

1. Using it like I did with my Nokia 5800, (just some call and sms only) the Samsung Galaxy W can last me 4 days (96hours) approx, the Nokia 5800 will get me through 3 days

2. My current use it just some calls, sms, wifi on to update my calender, and weather, some lite e book reading, the Galaxy W will get me through 3 full days before require charging

3. Using the GPS with the phone awake for around 45min, the Battery Level drop a total of 22%, from 98% to 76%

4. Using the Phone as a E Book Reader, with the Phone fully awake all the time, after the phone is fully charge for 5 hours, drop the battery level to 50% so i would say the phone will last for around 10 hours.

Note: my Wifi, GPS, Data roaming is all off.


To Me Battery Life is more the reasonable, its much better then my Nokia 5800

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