Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AUTOMAX NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

The first tank full using AUTOMAX NanoTech Fuel Enhancer, the average fuel consumption for My Alza (auto - stock standard) is a encouraging 6.7lt per 100km.

It’s still very early for any proper result, (just one tankfull) however I would like to point out a few things first

  • · Best Fuel Consumption Achieve so far was a 6.8lt per 100 km just for one tankfull, most of the time the Alza will give me around 7lt+ per 100km
  • · Average Fuel Consumption is 7.4lt per 100 km (last 10 refueling)

So if base upon this, Fuel Consumption with the NanoTech as compared

  • · Against best achieve using normal fuel, Savings of 1.5%
  • · Against Average Fuel Consumption using normal fuel, Saving of 9.45%

So Lets see if this trend continue, the Average Fuel Consumption (using the NanoTech) after a few refueling.

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