Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Welcome to the World of Andriod !

Welcome to the World of Android !

After a long wait I finally purchase a Android (2.2) Tablet, through one of those shops that advertise through the Internet Shopping sites, together with a group of friends. (to be exact it is a JEF-tech Tablet MID 5807)

I have keep putting off this purchase, till now largely due to the uncertainty of purchasing such items and getting it posted to you without knowing how it work. Led by a friend who is quite knowledge able in IT gadget, we as a group when to survey, tested and finally purchase this rather low spec android device.

This 7in Touch Screen, 2gb nano flash, 512mb ddr1, 800mhz cpu, wifi bg, android gadget seem to be the logical & affordable device for people who want a light weight, gadget to view / send Email, watch some you tube, downloaded movies / tv shows, read some e books, play some simple games, surf the net etc, while relaxing in bed or in a chair.

Why not an Ipad, some would say? Well no flash for one (no you tube – with out jailbreak the device), another is the Android OS that is not that restricted ( I believe) But then every thing is a compromise, in this case affordability and size win out. (7in screen / sub RM500) Will this low price gadget replace net books and laptops? Who knows, but then some type of work still require proper keyboards and mouse, Am still blogging using my net book. ;-)

Any way I will exploring the New (to me) world of Android OS with my first android device.

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