Friday, May 20, 2011

Camera Requirements

I Have been thinking of replacing my ancient Fuji Super Zoom S700/5700 Digital Camera, with a more advance and new camera, one that would suite my shooting styles better. Typically I tend to

  • Use a Long Zoom
  • Macro Shots
  • Sports/Action Shots ie Fast Focus / High Number of Shot per secound
  • Low Shooting Position

Further I have a preference of

  • compact body
  • AA batteries
  • Panorama Mode

Most importantly is My not so deep pocket, so I will have to compromise in terms of features, time, brand ........

The S700 have serve me well, however there are a few areas where I do feel that it is lacking in and I would like a camera that can address this issues.

So what will be my main criteria.

Body type: I would like to have as small as a body as possible, even the Semi Compact Body which is much lighter then the DSLR camera is a tad Bulky. A point and Shoot Body will be good, but I will survive with a Semi Compact like the S700, as a compromise in Pricing and Features.

Mega Pixels : This should not be a issue here as I rarely print out above 8R any way, 7.1mp with the S700 is fine for me but anyway MP in cameras have increase, which tends t0 take up more memory space in the memory cards. 8 to 10 mp should do fine actually. My Record Photo shoot at the Taiping Zoo was 600 + shots.

Memory Cards : Prefer Normal Generic Memory Card like SD card. To Keep Cost Low and its easy to 1. down load, 2. Easy to Purchase any where.

Zoom : I would like a higher optical zoom then my current 10X, however I have found that photos taken above 20X tend to be blurry due to camera shake unless 1. one lug a tripod around 2. camera have a stabilizer. So my new camera should have Optical Zoom of 10X to 20X range with some digital zoom assists, of around 1X to 3X

Max Zoom Equivalent : This will be express usually at 25mm – 550mm. A camera 10X zoom and another camera 10X zoom, may not have same mm equivalent so you need long range shots the higher the mm equivalent will be better for you.

Batteries Type : Let try to stick with AA batteries, in case of emergency we can always find AA batt any where, its cheep, AAA batt is much more expensive and hard to find, and proprietary batteries are expensive and you cannot find them in petrol kiosk, 7-11 stalls, airports shops.

Panorama Shooting Mode : Would like to have a panorama mode

Macro Mode : should be around the same, 1 cm macro if possible

Photos Per Sec & MP : Should be able to shoot continuous min 3 fps at least 7mp

Focus Speed : As fast as possible, S700 focus speed is slow to get action shots.

LCD Tilt : If possible an advantage

Suggestions by any one will be appreciated

Stabilize Image : Ideal if available

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