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Alza, Review of the Part time MPV

Alza, Review of the Part time MPV

After 4 months of Usage, My Likes and Dislikes

(Alza, Auto, Premium Model, 1.5lt Stock Standard without any modifications)

Disclaimer: Please Note, this are just my opinions base upon my taste and driving methods, results may differ from Person to Person, driving methods and the vehicles Specs

My Conclusion

  • · Great if you occasionally required a Vehicle that can seat more then 5 but less then 8 or require “more” space for “extra” luggage, I predict we will see a lot of Alza at the Pasar Malams in the future.
  • · Good drive, Smooth, will get you to your destination in good time but it is not for spirited driving
  • · Economical “if you treat it right”
  • · Value for money in the “current” Tax situation
  • · Quite Up to Date Technology if you compare with similar vehicles

The Package

The Car Comes with

  • · 3 time “Free Labour” for Service, 1K, 5K and 10K
  • · Comes With Smart Assists Auto Emergency for one Year

Fuel Consumption

7.4lt per 100km Average

  • · Auto Transmission
  • · After 4 Month
  • · 12 refills of Esso Ron 95
  • · Country Side Driving 70%, Town 20%, Highway 10%
  • · 80% Driver only
  • · Speed 60 to 80 kmph, touching 110kmph on highway

In comparison

My 11 Year Old Wira (modified with various fuel savers) usually get me 8.0lt per 100km along the same routes and driving style


  • · Driving Position Suite Me, “High, Up right” – May not suite some drivers
  • · Smooth, Stately
  • · So far on one uphill, while the car slow down, it did not struggle to “Climb” up
  • · Spirited Driving will disappoint you with this car/mpv.

Things that we may want to know before Purchasing

Car Key

· There is a key number plate.

· If one key is lost, the spare key with the key number plate is required to make the new car key only at Perodua Service Center. That will cost you Below RM 500 currently

· Up to 4 key can be made for one Car

· If Making a normal spare key, (at the neighborhood key store) the key can only be use to open the door, it cannot start the engine.

CD Player – Premium Model

· Can support “folders” for usb unlike some reports

· Can Play Music Random within a Folder or All Folders within the USB


· This car does not have cigarette ash compartment.

· The Power Plug provided is not a cigarette lighter.

· The Car is equip with Front Personal Lights, bright enough to read maps.

· Your Spare Tyre is under the Car and it’s not a “full” size tyre, It’s just for you to change your puncture tyre and look for a tyre shop.


  • · Good Fuel Economy “if you treat the car right”
  • · SC have “upgrades” for your car, so you can upgrade when your pocket get too heavy.
  • · Very bright lights “even without using the fog lamps” & does not shine in to oncoming drivers eyes.
  • · Stately Drive – “suites me, may not suite others”
  • · Feel well built in general, but at time when closing door may have a “hollow” sound.
  • - Decent In Car Entertainment


Dislikes / Where I feel it can be improved

  • · The remote – when press only visual indication, not audio, but you can purchase a buzzer at the SC
  • · The engine release latch feel flimsy
  • · The Luggage compartment hood brace, “looks” too thin
  • · No luggage cover to “Hide” your barang barang
  • · The “Smart Assists” Provided – Feel there is just too many terms and conditions attach in order to get service “may be more of a push our service type of membership”
Overall at the current moment I feel I have made a good "Buy" ! Now it just the Maintenance Cost that needs looking into.

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  1. Very nice way of describing your Alza.

    I concur with you that it has been a good buy for my family. The average fuel consumption with the car (1.5EZi) (after 5k service within 2 months) is between 6.9L-7.4L per 100km. The millage is equivalent to my 7 year old manual stock Proton 1.5 Gli Sedan (PECA).

    Other than giving a good service (by switching to Fully Synthetic Oil after 10k service) to my Alza, I would not bother with any performance enhancement gadgets to try to improve the fuel consumption because that is too tall an order even for skilled engineers. Check out what the following videos from Top Gear on Improving Performance Challenge:

    Furthermore, you might give just give reasons for Perodua to refute your claim for warranty within the first 3 years.

    If I am desperate for a spirited drive, (perhaps), I may try (hesitant)removing some weight off the car like taking out the 3rd row which is often folded down or the spare Tyre to possibly get a chance to call for free "Smart Assist" service offered during 1st year. Otherwise, I would just pick my Wira 1.5Gli Manual for a spin. Cheerio!


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