Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wesak Day 2011, As I witness it.

Heading in to Penang Island early in the Morning 8am, thank god, no traffic on the Penang Bridge, Made good time, arriving Early!Malaysian Buddhist Association Building at Burma Road, Near CRC

Food Fair! Vegetarian Food Fair within the Compound, Vegetarian Cheese use for Pizza! and in line with No Plastic Every Day in Penang, they were using eco friendly packing.

Zoom Photo of the MBA Float, Hazy from all those Joss Sticks being Burn.

in the MBA Hall Jam pack with people offering prayers and bathing the baby buddha

Close up shot of the Stage

the Ongoing Prayers within the Hall by the Monks on duty.

Close up of the Lotus Candle offerings in the Hall.

Stalls offering Food Drinks, Prayers, Materials, at the Entrance to the MBA

Birds being sold to be release! Not a good Idea to Me! In the frist place the birds will not be caught if no one purchase them!

School of Floating Plastic Dolphins being sold !

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