Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alza First Month Fuel Consumption

My Alza First Month Fuel Consumption

I have utilize My Alza for one month and have chalk up 1700km so far. I have to say that I am well satisfied with the Fuel Consumption especially when compared with my old wira. A 1.5lt Auto, MPV that gives me the consumption of a 1.3lt Manual Sedan car!

So far with 5 fuel data points, in General the Fuel Consumption seems to be pointing at an average use of around 7lts plus per 100 km for my own particular mix of country / highway / city use.

That is if you use the car gently, and do not exceed speed of 80km in town / country use and 110km in Highway use, 230kpsi Tyre pressure, No Modifications ……

Comments :

The High Consumption

· The first tank seem to be high (may not too accurate) at 9.7lt per km, or is it due to the running in of the Engine?

· The 4th tank seem to be high also (just after the 1000km service) at 8.9lt per km

(this figures are base upon Manual calculation)

The Normal consumption

· 7.2lt to 7.4lt per 100km, around RM0.14 per Km at the current fuel price

Fuel Computer

· The reading seem to be off, for the 3rd and way off for the 4th Tank full, however is spot on for the 5th Tank Full.

It’s still to new for me to come to any conclusions; however the trend does look promising.

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