Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Perodua Alza Fuel (2nd Tankfull) Consumption

My Perodua Alza Fuel (2nd Tankfull) Consumption


Alza 1.5lt, Premium Model, Auto Transmission, Running In Engine ODO Reading 1065km, No modifications, ESSO 95 Petrol (Tg Bungah)

  • Distance Travel : In Town Usage – High of 9.2 lt per 100km (after zeroing), Around 100km of such usage, Then Highway and country use, reading drop to 7.7lt per 100km
  • Average Speed : 20kmph to 80kmph
  • Petrol use : 34.2 lt (RM1.90 per lt – Total Pump RM 65)


  • Lt Per 100km = 7.2 lt
  • Km Per lt use = 13.86km
  • Current Cost per KM at RM1.90 per lt = RM 0.137


There are two parts to this test.

Part One - City Use Fuel consumption –

Firstly after refilling after arriving in Penang Island, My Car is considered fully utilize with 2 Adults 3 Children or with 3 Adults, 5 Children running around Hilly (Tg Bungah, Batu Ferringi) Roads, as well as a trip Tg Bungah, Bt Ferringhi, Ayer Itam, Batu Maung, Tg Bungah in Heavy Traffic Condition, Being Stuck in Traffic Lights condition, and following a heavy footed driver. Fuel Computer Reading Keep on increasing till it reach 9.2lt per 100km / around 11km per lt or around RM0.185 cent per km.

Part Two – Manual Calculation vs Fuel Computer Calculation

Fuel Computer was reading 7.7lt at refill, however when calculate manually I got a reading of 7.2lt which the fuel computer is out by 0.5lt. However this is base upon one tank full. Looks like I have to repeat this test a few times to confirm this.

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