Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Perodua Alza Average Fuel Consumption

My New Alza Average Fuel Consumption

Specs : Alza Premium Stock Standard, Auto
Normal Usage : Country Roads, Federal Route, Highway
Speed : Usually around 60 to 80 kmph, hitting 110 on highway once in a while

After using the Alza for 2 months, with 2900km on the odo, I have manually calculate out the fuel consumption, after 8 full tank refills (all from Esso)

Comments: I seem to be averaging 7.4lt to 100km or around 14sens per KM (at the current price of R1.90, or 1lt of petrol getting me 14km.

Comparison against previous car: This is a improvement of my average in my old 1.3 wira aeroback manual which usually give me 8lt to 100km or around 15.5sens per km, 12.35km to a liter of petrol, which has been modified with fuel savers.

Fuel Meter: the Fuel Meter seem to be off by around 0.5lt either way, when compared with my manual calculation, so its accuracy is 0.5 -+.

I am planning a Cameron Highland Trip, as well as a KL Trip in this year to test the fuel usages


  1. thank you so much for the review!! alza is indeed a good car... do update soon!! i m interested in buying an alza, but worry about the fuel consumption....but from ur calculation, it is great!! ur calculation especially with the wira fc included gives the greatest picture to all the car loves out there!! thank you!!

  2. Please do take note that each person right foot, car loading, road use make a difference in fuel use. Further each type of car will have a sweet spot in fuel usage. For the Alza it between 60km to 80 km.


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