Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nibong Tebal, Penang Perodua Service Center(Alza 1000km Service)

Nibong Tebal, Penang Perodua Service Center(Alza 1000km Service)

Very fast service, I was in and out within 40 min, for the First 1000km service. Fast, and that includes fixing a buzzer for the alarm. Of course, I think I came in at the off peak time, Monday 2pm, and if not mistaken there were only 2 cars in house. :-)

The Friendly Service Staffs when through what is suppose to be done, and straight away send the car straight in to the service area. Total cost came up to RM146.85 for engine oil, auto transmission oil, batteries terminals, windshield shampoo, Drain Plug Gasket, oil filter, and they even give me a RM10/- discount voucher for my next trip. Below are some of my comments.

Customer Lounge

I went to the Air Con Customer Lounge and was impress with the facilities there, Toilet, Nice comfortable Sofa Set facing a 32 in LCD TV, Wifi (did not test), Children play area, (but did not see any toys) floor to ceiling glass overlooking the servicing area, ice water, warm water, coffee, tea, biscuit, even a basket of mandarin orange (though the manager better check how fresh are the oranges), accessories display, even instant mee in cup (though it’s a bit hidden) in a nice 4 star hotel lobby environment. (the only thing I can think to improve is to provide plug points for Lap tops)

Alza Accessories

Saw the flyer on the Alza Accessories, not much there, not like the Myvi accessories. They show the auto headlamp, auto wiper which I was interested in but no price was shown, so I ask the staffs, they refered me to the Manager who “sleepishly” said they do not sell this any more. Looks like I have to check with other service center.

Comments for Perodua


  • · Service was fast but then, did all the checks took place? Especially it’s the first service…..
  • · Very Nice Customer Lounge


  • · They took away my credit card and swipe it at another location out of my sight. - that is not correct.
  • · No Auto Headlight and Wiper Sensor, when indicated available in the Alza Accessories Flyer.

General Comments:

The Battery terminal protector does not cost much. So if it’s so important for us to install it why did Perodua left it out in the first place? Same goes for the Windshield Shampoo, if its important enough for it to be I the Windshield reservoir. It should already be there when we get the new car, and when we go for service, it time to top up. This 2 items does not cost much actually, but where create a negative impression (Hard sell) on the customer?

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