Friday, January 28, 2011

Year 2011, Purple Perodua Alza (Premium Auto), My 3rd Car

Finally after 29 days of waiting, from the day I walk in to the Perodua Show Room, my Purple Perodua Alza, Premium Spec, Auto Transmission is in my grubby hands. May it give me many many years of trouble free service!

So can one consider me a Very Patriotic Malaysian? It's seem that I totally support Malaysian Made Vehicles. First Car own is a Proton Iswara Sedan 1.5 manual, 2nd Car is a Proton Wira 1.3 aeroback manual, and Now this Malaysian Made Compact MPV. Buy Malaysian Products!

Well now I have to head for the local AAM, to register this car, to cancel my old car insurance, to get the NCB letter for the SA.

I have to go through the Alza thick car manual, and digest all the information, And transfer all my car accessories (old as well as new purchase).

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