Thursday, January 27, 2011, Alza Car Forum

A forum website, (independent from perodua) set up by Alza owners for Alza owners to share their knowledge and problems on the vehicle, there are also DIY, Chit Chat / Teh Tarik meet ups, excursions by regional forums

There are two type of Membership, with Users are required to register on line to view current forums topics. Those that did not register will only get to view old posts. There is also a higher grade of membership with more “privileges” but I am not too certain what are the special privilege

This site have many useful information, comments, and tips, especially on potential problems, car service etc . Highly recommend that those who consider purchasing the Alza should at least browse through this site, and Alza owners should keep tabs on what that happens here, that if you can.

The Problem is the language. The language use is suppose to be in Bahasa Malaysia or English, However some of the people using the forum seem to be using a Bahasa Malaysia that is not the standard Bahasa Malaysia I learn in school. It was with great difficulty that I manage to puzzle out some of the posting.

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