Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alza, Day 1 (general drive about)

Alza, Day 1

As it’s the first day, its testing time. - general drive about (Note: fuel computer reset after taking procession of vehicle)

  • A Drive back to Office of around 7km plus, gave me an average mileage of 7.5lt per 100 km
  • A short drive to the grocery store along country roads gave me a lowest reading of 6.8lt per 100 km, but ended up around with 7.2 lt per 100 km
  • A short drive back home from the office ended with a reading of 7.1 lt per 100 km
  • An even shorter drive to pick up my eldest daughter ended with a reading of 7.9 lt per 100 km, housing estate roads.
  • A long drive from my house to Prai via the Federal highway and a Very Jam PLUS to Chai Leng Park for dinner ended at the Restaurant with a reading of 8.2klt per 100 KM, Then I went home but via a Jam Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth, and then a very smooth drive on BORR to the PLUS highway at Sungai Dua, then back to the Federal Road 1, I ended the drive with a continuous reading of 7.3lt per 100 km.

So after a journey of 100km for this first day.

1. Lowest Average Mileage Reading was at 6.8lt per 100km which work out to be 14.70km per lt (driver and a heavy passenger only)

2. Highest Average Mileage Reading was 8.2lt per 100km which work out to be 12.19km per lt (with driver, a heavy passenger, a teenager, and two young children)

3. Average Mileage after 100km of travel is at 7.3lt per 100km which work out to be 13.69 per lt

Comments: Not Bad, so far (touch wood) as the Alza is brand new, Auto transmission, The on board fuel computer is telling me that my fuel consumption is even better the my Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3lt manual!

Headlamps : During the drive back at night, the Headlamps performance is much better than my old car.

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