Monday, November 22, 2010

Arrival at Langakawi, Langkawi Part 2

Eagle, the symbol of Langkawi, This Statue can be found near Jetty Point

The ferry seems to be in need of maintenance, there was a technician working on the ferry air con when I boarded. However all when well, We departed on time and the trip was good, as the sea was calm, with cloudy weather.

Exterior of Jetty Point, Right in front is the KFC and the Taxi Curpon booth

We arrive at the Langkawi jetty ahead of time, and when disembarking at Kuah Jetty call Jetty Point, I immediately headed to the KFC for a long cold drink of Pepsi, ( On the Ferry there were no drinks) , and proceeded to the Taxi counter to purchase a taxi curpon to my destination (Langkawi taxi use fix price system, no meter system, however it is pretty good as the rate are publicize)

Interior Photo of Jetty Point, A Shopping Center for last moment Shopping

View of the Kuah Harbor, Jetty Point towards Kuah Town, In the back ground is the Gunong Raya, the Highest Peak in Langkawi.

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