Monday, January 10, 2011

Perodua Alza First Impression, A Test Drive

Perodua Alza First Impression, A Test Drive

Let me say this first, I have own & driven a Proton Iswara, a Proton Wira Aeroback (current car), I have also driven, Fiat 127 (2 years), a Proton Wira (3 years), a Proton Waja (2 years), the company van (a Nissan), and more recently a Nissan Sentral for a couple of days in Langkawi, as such my comment, impressions, are base upon the above.

My Test Drive Route is on the Road that I use to work daily, at practically the same speed, with the SA, My wife and 3 kids, so I have a direct comparison with my current car.

1. I have the feeling that It’s big, Its spacious, when compared, even though it’s the smallest MPV in the Market

2. Driver’s Seat, It high, It have a commanding view (like a van or a 4 wheel drive), its easy to get in and out, Its comfortable, My wife and kids agreed with this impression from their seats – it’s more like a sofa / captain chair, upright position, can be push right back to accommodate a very tall person.

3. The Drive, Smooth, Not jerky (cannot detect gear change), road/wheel noise noticeable at times, Very Light touch on the paddle required, car seem to like 60KMPH – 80KMPH range, hard to keep the speed lower then this brakes seem mushy/soft but when you press down it will bite.

4. Max speed Attain, 110kmph, very smooth short acceleration , in fact have to take my foot off the paddle, when it approach the red line at 80KMPH, no noise.

5. Up Hill incline, smooth, my wira & others have a tendency to slow down on this incline however, the Alza just purr up the incline without any problems or slowing down….

6. Air Con – Windy to say the least. No complaint even from the back seat.

7. Luxury – normal ….

Overall Impression, Smooth & Comfortable, Fast Acceleration and Pick up enough to keep you out of trouble, 110KMPH is no problem Hard to Keep speed below 60kmph, Feel a Tad Bulky & spacious, Like all the storage space avaliable. Though the door storage may be a bit difficult to reach.

My Wife commented I started driving very shakily, but then steadied up after a few minutes, I suppose I will need a lot of adjustments, the position of the instrumentation are all different, the gadgets galore at the head unit, built in Bluetooth, Usb (by the way do not have other files in the thumb drive), the foot parking break …….

At the end of the drive My leg was still reaching for the clutch, My hand was still heading for the gear and hand break …..

My Comments,

Compared with the Wira Aeroback 1.3lt when it was new and current – The Alza is much more responsive, better pick up even with auto gear, smooth drive, more gadgets, more storage holes, though the proton had a slightly better trim (the fake wood around the dash, the soft cushion plastic at the dash).

Compared with the Nissan Sentral Auto 1.6lt, I will have to rate the Nissan Sentral better in terms of Better Brakes Feel, Luxury and less adjustment is required to adjust, however I do feel that its at par in terms of drivability, smoothness, pickup even with the Alza being a 1.5lt only. (this my initial impression only)

The Test Drive Unit is a ADVANCE Alza, approx 1 year + old vehical, with 1400 plus km on the meter?, with a Average Fuel consumption of 14+ lt per 100 km according to the trip meter, which work out to around 7km per lt! But then I suppose that because everyone (test drive) will floor the paddle (I did). I certainly hope the Alza fuel consumption will be much better then this.

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