Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to Restaurant Chao Zhou, Butterworth

Restaurant Chao Zhou


Address : 107,109,111 Jalan Gan Chai Leng, Taman Chai Leng 13700 Prai,

Non Halal.

I forgot to save the GPS : Next Time ;-)

We came back for more as we were shopping in the Area. This time the damage is RM53, for 4 dish, and a Large Jug of Chrysanthemum Tea

Again unfortunately still no Kau Yoke, this time our order is for 4 dish which is Marmite Chicken, Pork Chops (Chinese style), Kailan with Kiam bak (Salt meat – pork) and Bean Curd with Crab Meat

Opinion, First off, My Wife love the all the food (which mean we will be back – next time we will try the steam egg), and find that it’s a reasonable price restaurant, air-condition, comfortable seating, and parking is easy. I do agree with here comment, For RM53 or slightly more, for all nicely cook meal, full service, air-condition is affordable and value for money treat for my family, instead of a fast food restaurant or hawker stall, will come up to around the same price.

Personally, the food this time do not really agree with me. Food is nice, but not my favorite, Marmite Chicken is nicely done, without the usual over powering Marmite Smell, The Pork Chops similar (my dauthers love this dish), To me the Kailan with Kiam Bak, was fibrous and the Kiam bak tasteless and not salty), but my wife like it, Bean curd was the home made type, nice but I did not seem to find the crabmeat.

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