Friday, April 9, 2010

My 10 year Old Ride, Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3 MT


My 10 year old Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3MT is still going strong (touch wood), with only minor problems, the famous Proton Power Window problems, and an unexplainable engine that eat engine oil that start 2 months after each oil change . (2 mechanics’ have diagnose and suggested to change the valve seal, and piston ring, but this problem still remains).

A 10 year old car of course have certain parts that ware out, and its heavy maintenance time. In March and April alone (2010), I have spend close to 2K on repairs.

After changing all my belts including the timing belt last year. This year list of problems started in March with an Engine Oil Leak, from the middle gasket. The Mechanic recommended, A top Overhaul to replace the gasket, and to look in to the valve seal, at the same time we also change the leaking water pump and change the front break pad. That came to RM600.

One week later, I had a fuel leak, thankful caught it early, and that was another RM50. End of the month my gear box seal started to leak, Ok, that was easily rectified and with transmission oil replacement cost me another RM100. Replacing the rear dash board cost another RM200. (Dashboard fiber have started to flake off) This all bring the total to RM950 for the month of March

In April, I have to replace the rear brake pads, pump, one of the head lamps which unexplainablely have a 20 cent coin hole, the rear shock absorbers and spring (rear is riding very low, ever time over a speed bump result in a “bump”) and to fix back a loose back bumper came to another RM900.

I do hope that it for major repairs for the year other than for the normal services, The guy who said that purchasing a car is a liability is correct. Wish I can take public transport, but somehow or other where i stay do not have public transport or my working place do not have working transport.

Do have other things to look into, Wife asking for a “tint” so it’s not so hot in the car, car alarm need replacing, need to do up my car seats now very lembek (soft) and the car body need some work, some how or other my “milo” tin car manage to pick up bumps here and there.

Some ppl have recommended me to change the car, but my finances will not permit this for sometime or so. Beside what other choice does a salary man in Malaysia have? Realistically Its either Proton or Produa if you want a new car, and only Proton if you need to carry lots of bags. Is the AFTA going to kick in and reduce car price soon?


  1. I'm also using my wira no over 7 years and already had to do timing belt and other major stuff. and now engine also missing oil. Have to do top overhaul ( may cost me RM 800 )
    back absober also riding low.and power window sounds cranky.

    We are on the same boat. I'm opting to change them and drive this car for a few more years.

  2. My wira is 17 years old, 400,000kms...had most of the problems you mentioned, had to change gearbox, timing belt, etc. And yea cranky power windows and wierd noise sometimes, stalls in the morning when cold, but otherwise runs pretty well now with a few repairs.

    Same here will drive it a few more years then dunno :D

  3. Hey Guys,
    I have a Wira and it's abt 120++ kms. Well, the speedo rosak and will fix it one day...:)
    Neway, just wondering, what type of engine oil you guys use? 10W40 ok or not?

  4. fix the speedo, if go to fast u get saman, engine oil 10W40 ok, i use mobile/shell for wira, then change to semi AMOIL, or 10K interval


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