Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celcom Broad Band after 4 Month of use


If you have the PATIENCE, the Celcom Broadband Basic for RM68 a month (3g speed), is adequate for your simple online needs most of the times. That is my basic comment after living with a Celcom Broad Band (3g speed) from Nov 2009.

My Details comments are

1. Web Pages do take some time to load, and when it get really get slow, you cannot even do a speed test – that with the modem blue light on (3g connection), When the Modem Green light is on, it time to go to bed.

2. Many times web pages do not load properly and fully, eg facebook, and even G Mail may have problems from time to time.

3. The Mail (text message) that you get with the subscription comes from a wide verity of people selling XXX flicks, celcom pushing their wares and now what is channel c and channel X - and are very entertaining and boredom relievers

4. In this Multi Tasking Days, please do not multi task, open one web page at a time.

5. I can still blog, thank to finding a photo resize, it’s slow though, been waiting 5 min for blogger to open.

The Good is the 5gb allocation, (much more the other service so you can do some downloading) may consider going for a streamyx connection, but that not portable you know.

I am Lucky, I still get 3G speed, and most of the time the HSPDA Sign is on. My co worker, in December he gets 3G speed at his house, in March He is getting EDGE.

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