Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Restaurant Chao Zhou, Seberang Prai Tengah

Restaurant Chao Zhou


Address : 107,109,111 Jalan Gan Chai Leng, Taman Chai Leng 13700 Prai,

Non Halal.

The 3 shop lot Restaurant, Photo taken in Night Mode.

I stumble across this Teo Chew Restaurant in the Web, in one of those food blogs, and said to my self I have to come here and try out the Kau Yoke (Braised Pork with Yam) and the Bitter Gourde with Salted Vegetable.

Well being in the area to purchase my new Nokia 5800, and to test the camera out (it have a reputation of bad photos in low light condition) I decided to treat my wife and kids and have our dinner here.

Interior Of the Restaurant and the Jug of Teh Bunga we ordered. Again in Night Mode.

We ordered the Braised Pork Leg (RM25), Deep Fried Squid (RN12), Braised Home Made Beancurd (RM10), and the Bitter Gourde with Salted Fish (RM10), the Kau Yoke is not available tonight, with a jug of chrysanthemum tea (RM7)

Overall - A excellent meal that cost RM65, my 3 daughters really enjoy them self tonight, the only thing is that 3 of the dish we ordered were cook with ginger. Is this ingredient essentially teo chew? Either way we enjoy our self, parking is convenient, indoor and outdoor seating is provided, and at RM65, not our of our wallet, as heading to the hawkers will cost us around RM40 plus, Pizza hut around RM60 plus for a dinner.

The Pork Leg is braised nicely with mushrooms, my only complaint is that it is not fatty enough, The Fried Squid is crispy, the Bitter Gourde do not taste bitter at all, in fact this unlikely paring of vegetable is superb. The homemade Beancurd is normal, but tasty.

Verdict : We will be back again for more.

Nokia 5800 Camera Test Verdict:

As with all camera under low light conditions , the settings, especially the ISO, Night Scene Mode, Holding the camera steady, and still, all comes into play: All the above photo is taken in Night Mode with out flash. My opinion : Not too bad, Not too bad, after all its not a dedicated camera, nor is it a DSLR.

On other items : Look like its cooling down a bit up here in Penang, Last few days it has been breezy though there is no rain.

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