Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nokia 5800 current Software


As mention in my earlier post this morning the Nokia 5800 I purchase soft ware is V31.01.101 and I want it to be upgraded to V40. The Phone shop guy is obviously reluctant to do it for me, and advice me not to upgraded, as this version is stable, and if upgraded things may not work, thing may disappeared, the battery may not last long etc .

As such I have no choice to head for the nearest Nokia Care centre which I did this morning. To my surprise Nokai Care Personal, a nice lady inform me that they are not up grading to V40 as the V40 is not stable as per instructions from their KL HQ. May be in 6 months time once the soft ware is stable will they restart installing V40. Ops Look like the phone shop guy is right after all.

Well look like I have to live with V31 for the moment, Install the Garmin XT, and to do my set up, install the apps I want first.

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