Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia X3 Review II


Today is the 3rd day with the Nokia X3.

This is my first follow up post on the Nokia X3 a User first look, my impression and review of the Nokia X3, the first post is here (

On my second read through of the user manual the following things features that I miss out earlier were noted.

1. It is not a 3G phone, as such any web browsing etc will be at the most Digi Edge speed. - My Opinion, Overall for a Phone with Features like IM, Ovi, Web Brouser, E Mail, limiting connectivity to EDGE speed is not so good, at least 3G is needed, Wifi will be better. (But then I purchase this phone is because my wife does not use this 3G and these features)

2. The Micro SD cards it can use is limited officially to 8GB, there are web sites that say that card of up to 16GB is supported.

3. It can connect to a USB Drive Directly from the phone if the power supply of the phone is sufficient enough.

4. It has voice clarity feature to improve voice transmission.

5. The camera has a self timer – My Opinion, I don’t see the point for this feature, It is not like the phone can stand by or balance by it self to take a self time shot, Of course now a days there is this phone tripod, but how likely a person will have the tripod with them when they need it?

Further on the 2 day, (ie the first day the phone is with my wife), when I came back from office I Tested the following.

a. Register with Ovi my wife user Id, number and the Phone via Lap Top

b. Tested out the camera with some outdoor random shots, will do a proper post later on this once I compile all the needed photos of, Outdoor Shot of Landscape, Outdoor Close up, Indoor near window, Indoor away from window, Indoor with curtain close, Night with florescent lighting, Night Outdoor at Pasar Malam. – Overall at this moment I am Happy with the camera.

c. Transferred using the usb cable, MP3’s and (former phone) Photos,

- Around one CD’s worth of MP3 were transferred from DVD directly to the Phone Memory Card via the Laptop, around 600+mb which took around 25 min via the USB cable provided.

- Transferred Photo’s downloaded from the SE750i into the Nokia X3 memory card (in a separate folder), started the camera “view photos”, all the photos show up in thumb nails together with photos taken with the Nokia X3.

d. Transferred using Bluetooth, Photo after Bluetooth paring with my lap top

- Photo transferred over smoothly.

Now the Thorns among the Rose. Here I have the following grouses

i. Ovi – when I went hunting for apps, themes and games from Ovi, once I tap on the apps I want, there is only 2 down load option, send to phone, send to friend, basically it means I have to down load via the phone on edge speed – I want to download via the internet!

ii. Alarm Clock and Message , - there is no way to adjust the Volume of the Alarm Clock and Message Warning Tone, Both are just too soft. Wife slept through the Alarm Clock and the subsequent snooze alarms, Message Tone is also the same, Just cannot hear it. Need to adjust LOUDER Alarm Clock and Message Tone.

End of 2nd Post on Nokia X3, A user first look.

There will most probably be 2 more posts on the Nokia X3, Camera Test as mention above, and My impression after using the phone for around one month or so.

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