Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nokia X3, A User first look


My Wife Handphone

A present for my loyal wife, for staying with me through thick and thin, through bad times, and very bad times, the Nokia X3 (red) has arrive this morning. A original set, not a water set, not what they call a AP set, gray market set, it cost me a cool RM610, which is around RM70 more then the water set they have, In fact I have seen on lelong the X3 as low as RM460, but considering that it’s a Newly Release Phone, I better stick with a Original and purchase from a proper phone shop just in case and for future firmware updates.

Unboxing of the Nokia X3

This Official set come in a nice box, with a nice three pin plug charger, a short (so short) usb cable, a white colour ear phone, together with the manuals, various “plugs” for ovi store, a small cd, and of course the Nokia X3 (red), with the battery (fully charge) and the 2GB micro SD card.

The Friendly Phone shop guy was tested out the phone for me, inserted the sim card, set the date and time, and the phone set up a Ovi Account.

First Use of the Nokia X3

My Impression of the Ovi is “Cool” and “Attractive”, base on its slider and red highlights on the side of the phone, its operating system is Symbian S40 6th edition which is fairly new, in fact I did not have a chance to use the Symbian S40 OS before as such I do not know much about it.

First thing I did is to launch the Radio to test out its internal antenna, one of the new features in a Nokia Hand Phone, I find that it work as well as the usual head phone antenna. So while the radio is playing I started to explore the phone, as I will be teaching my wife the basics.

I find the Home screen well set up with multiple short cut operations, from the Short Cut Bar, to the Status indicators to the Go To soft key. I reset up the short cut bar to what I think my wife and maybe I would need. Reconfigure the status indicators to a more general configuration that suit us. In particular I like the short cut bar, as you can place multiple short cut there (I place 10) from a choice of 55 items. (Yes I counted)

Further if you do not want the clutter the Home Screen view can be turn on and off, There is even a option for navigation keys display (which will spoil the wallpaper or theme look) and you can personalise the status indicators.

The Key Lock, will unlock once you slide the phone up. And all profiles can be timed when to end, a useful feature, eg you can put the phone to Silent profile and it will reset back to General at a given time just before to go and see a show at the cinema. In fact while looking at my 6+ year old Nokia 3120, this feature has been there for some time in certain phones.

A long Life Battery officially rated for 380 hours stand by time and more then 7hours talk time, I have to see how long it will actually last, as some how or other at my house, the signal can disappear and reappear (Digi, Malaysia : Note, Up Stairs Signal usually 2 bar to 5 bar, down stairs no signal, to 2 bar, some time I have to go out to the street to carry out a conversation.)

The phone can do it’s own back up, That good as no more lost data, just in case. (I have to enable this feature some time soon)

The Camera and Video Recorder has a extremely fast start up time, (have not taken any photo with it yet), press the camera button, hey pesto it’s ready in around one second, unlike my Nokia N82 which may take around 6 second or more and some time I just get a white screen. Unfortunately no Flash not even a led flash.

The Fonts can change size (for messaging, web and contacts ), it even can be selected individually and Change the Font Colour at the Home page, which has it’s uses for those who have eye trouble like me.

However it not all a bed of Rose for the X3, as there are features that is either not there any more or that I do not like namely.

There is no option to Save contact directly to Sim Card, it will automatically go to Phone Memory and then you have to move it to the Sim Card Manually.

The Welcome Screen is fix, no longer there is a option for you to put in text. This former feature in the Nokia 2100 which I and my wife use to have was very usefully to avoided taking the wrong phone as we were both having the same model. In Fact the 3120 model, you can place text directly on the home screen.

Back to the Good stuffs again

Finally the Themes (animated), which my wife selected is so easy to install, in fact just connect the phone to your computer in the data mode, open the memory card, drag and drop the downloaded theme, and then disconnect, look for the file in the Memory Card, and it will even give you a preview without enableing it and also you do not have to install the themes like Nokia N82.


1.The Symbian S40 is a much easier OS to use then the S60, however it does not have multitasking feature (real computer) which the S60, I feel that the S40 OS is perfect for those not too tech orientated. (I count my self one of this not too tech orientated ppl.)

2. The Nokia X3 is a cool and attractive device for those who would like a basic phone with some eye candy and music applications. It’s advantages out weight it’s disadvantages, though the price may be a factor to some, currently I feel that it’s a bit on the heavy side.


I like this phone! It has almost every this I myself would want, other than GPS, QWERTY Key Board and Wifi, Just to bad there is no “GPS, Touch Screen, Qwerty, Wifi” X3, I just might get one for my self, instead of waiting for the “currently not available” Nokia 5800.

Please Note: The Above is just my (biased) User first impression on this device after just a couple of hours use, and going through the manual once. I left the writing of the X3 phone tutorials and phone reviews to the numerous experts of the many web sites out there.

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