Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nokia 5800 Purchase

In one of my recent posts, I have mention that I have place an order for a Nokia 5800 Express Music, together with the Nokia X3 my wife wanted. I have mention that the shop say that there is no stock till the end of the week.

Well, the end of the week is here, on Friday I place a call to the shop to check what is the status, They say that currently there is no stock for the Ori or the AP set. I have check with a few other shop in the vicinity, they are all saying the same thing, No Stock. Strange. No Money cannot buy things. Got Money also cannot buy things. Hmmm. Can Nokia Malaysia give me a answer? Are they phasing out the Music Express, and bring in the Navigation Edition. All Phone shop have no Idea when I ask them about the Navigation Edition.

Well this Sunday while at a Hypermart in Prai, while the Mrs is doing the grocery shopping I wounder around the Mobile Phone shops, of which one of the is a Nokia Dealer, ie carry the Nokia name on the Sign Board. I drop by and ask, i. How much is the Nokia 5800 music express and do you have stock? Answer : Yes we have 2 units right here, RM1190. ii. Do you have the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition? No iii. Any Idea when will it come in? No news at all .

Well after thinking about it, there is no point for me to wait for the Navigation Edition to come in to get the official car phone holder and the car charger, everything else is the same. (Fact is I already have a retractable car charger. And a nice car phone holder only will cost me around RM30.

So, check with the other shops, in the complex, they all have stock, and price is RM1050, manage to talk one down slightly, and will accept my Nokia N82 for trade in for a pretty good price, No need the box, charger nor any thing and in fact offer to transfer all my data etc over right now.

Well I prefer to do the downloading my self, further I want to get the life timer code to check if the phone they give me is a 2nd hand unit, so it look like this week off day I will be heading in to Prai in the afternoon, to get the Nokia 5800 and spend the evening and the night doing the set up.

Have I also mention that we are a family of Nokia Handphone users now? I use the Nokia N82 now and transferring over to the Nokia 5800, Wife use a Nokia X3, and my Eldest is using my 6 years old Nokia 3120, as a security phone for emergency.

Nokia Phones are robust, hardy, reliable but overall more expensive as compared with other brand sets. I suppose you do have to pay for the quality ;-)

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