Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nokia 5800, A very very first impression.

Nokia 5800, A very very first impression.


Purchasing the Phone

Well I have decided to head to Prai to purchase the Nokia 5800 as the shops near where I live all do not have stock, and I cannot wait any more

With a good trade in offer for my Nokia N82, I did not have to pay that much. Any way the phone shop man with his years of experience with thousands of phones gave me 3 advices.

1. If you have problems with the phone bring it to me first to check before taking it to Nokia Cares. It may be virus, I have a scanner which may help, If you need to go to Nokia Cares I will back up your data first.

2. Use a non magnetic closure pouch bag, as it will reduce battery life span

3. Do not upgrade the firm ware if it still works, things may not work the same after that.

Number I advice, is a good advice, its kind of him to do all this thing, Number 2, I am not too sure, but then he know more on hand phones, Unfortunately I will have to go against advice number 3, I am heading in to Prai Nokia Care to upgrade the firmware to V40, as the phone is now running of V30, before I install Garmin XT and all the other apps I want. For the other advice I have no comments as yet. Lucky I did not ask the Phone shop guy to install the Garmin XT (full version)

Setting up the Phone

I did some very basic check and simple set up for the phone, the full set up will have to wait till after the firmware upgrade. What I did is to ensure that i do not run up unnecessary data charges by switching off the A-GPS and relay on the internal GPS alone.

Camera Test

Tested out the camera by taking Photos in low light conditions, eg, at the Mall, when for dinner, and took photo of the restaurant exterior and on the food. With all the bad press about poor camera capability it all boils down the scene mode management and holding the camera steady. (there is a night scene mode for a particular reason.) The Nokia N5800 will take reasonable low light photos, though prone to be “noisy”.

Download Test

Bluetooth down load did not work, after paring, however the Usb Cable download when well. Well have to check Bluetooth later (keep asking me for driver) so will re-pair the laptop and phone where I can get wifi.

That all for now till I can get the firmware upgraded either by my self or at Nokia Cares.


  1. Be very wary of advise #1. I have a friend who went to Nokia Care 1st, found out that his newly acquired phone has been repaired previously by them. When he gone back to the shop, the seller without arguing, replace a new phone.

  2. Oh yes, that why I drop by at Nokia Care my self to update the firmware of the phone. Take care out there there are many fellows out there that want to cheat you.


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