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Nokia 5800 - Ovi Store by Nokia and Free E Books Apps

Nokia 5800 - Ovi Store by Nokia and Free E Books Apps


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If I am not mistaken Nokia open Ovi Store, a place where you can get some apps, some free, some you pay for, as an answer to Apple Iphone Store. Frankly while it registered in my brain, I did not pay any attention to it till this year where Nokia announce free life time turn by turn navigation.

Early this year I drop by at the Ovi Store and downloaded some ring tones for the Nokia N82, that the time I got interested in Ovi Store.

Ovi Store is where you can go to, to find Apps, Games, Themes, Ring tones, Video Trailers, as add on to your Nokia Phone, for non wifi phone like my wife X3, you indicate your interest in a certain apps which will result in a SMS send to your phone and you have to call/sms back to get the apps, which mean you will incurs telecommunication costs. For Wifi Phone like the N82, and Nokia 5800 you can down loan direct to your phone.

While the Themes, Apps, Games, ring tones are limited in choice, You should have no problem installing these Themes, Apps, Games etc and such software should be virus free, unlike those from other websites which may be problematic.

Having Browse through the Ovi Store, I found a number of E Books as well as Graphic Novel, which are available for Free for the Nokia 5800, and as such have downloaded around 15 of them for lite reading and to while away the time (for waiting purpose)

The Nokia 5800 is suitable for Graphic Novel, due to the long screen, Have downloaded Atomic Dreams Part 1 and Part 2, while the Part 3 to 7 seem to have disappear from Ovi Store. Interesting Story line about Red Indians and the Atomic Bomb. You turn the page by tapping the side, but there is no page number, and it you exit you will have to page through all of it again.

E Book, As a avid reader, E Books definitely interest me, and have downloaded a bunch, all of them Classic (out of copyright), Alice in Wonderland, 20000 Leagues under the sea, A whole lot of Shylock Homes books (6), Pride and Prejudice, Wizard of Oz, Around the World in 80 days, A Christmas Carols, and so on.

Having read 20000 Leagues under the sea, before, I there for selected this e book as my first read. One you have open the apps, tapping on the book will open the first page, where all the chapter is listed. You turn the page by swiping toward right or left on the touch screen, and right at the bottom there is a line where you can advance by chapter. If you exit the book, the next time you reopen the apps, you will be brought to the last page you were at. A good feature.

As for the 20000 Leagues under the sea E Book, It’s was just like what I read before on hardcover. An enjoyable story.

Next I will be taking a look at the Games found in Ovi which can be downloaded free.

Further comments:

Please note, Ovi refresh it offering from time to time, so some apps mention here may disappear and new apps will come in from time to time, further it may not be applicable for your particular phone.

One other thing the ring tone that I downloaded for my Nokia N82, cannot work for my Nokia 5800, it seems to be lock to a specific phone.

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