Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nokia 5800 - Ovi Store by Nokia – Video downloads

Nokia 5800 - Ovi Store by Nokia – Video downloads


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Having explore the Ovi Store E Book section, it time for me to look at the Games in particular the free games section of the Ovi Store.

I am very disappointed and sad that there is practically no game that I can download “Free” and play with out any restriction in my Nokia 5800 from the Ovi Store. Let me explain, there are lots of games in total, a number of them even interest me. Some are old games some are new games. However the games I selected were all either demo mode that is I can only play it for a number of time after that you either purchase it, or it is restricted ie you need internet connections.

For Information, I usually do not play games when I have internet connections (wifi), I will surf the net instead. Games is for the time I have no internet connections (and I am not willing to shell out money for EDGE or 3G connections – call me cheap skate, I am). So there is no additional games I can get from OVI.

So I move on towards the Video Section, Again a large selection, and it’s for free so I downloaded a bunch (took me around 2 hours plus directly to the phone), and happily enjoy viewing the videos. What I got seem to be free publicity for Vancouver, Canada infomercial on the city, its attractions etc (the recent winter Olympic city), Lonely Planets Travel infomercial, Nokia Games Previews, Coming Film Trailer Iron Man 2, and I train a Dragon, Old Film Trailer Star Trek (the reboot) and Ice Age 3, promotion for Oklay glass and watch, and mountain bikes ........

Well I enjoy watching them, That all I can say, Its Free, its also Free Publicity, As I want to see “Iron Man 2 and I train a dragon “ as soon as it come up. If you want to reach out, Contact Nokia and offer free videos for download to promote your country, state, city, whatever.

No to Games, But Video is Ok, Time for some Ovi Store (Free) Apps for Nokia 5800 Next

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