Saturday, February 27, 2010

Themes for Nokia 5800

Customizing a phone screen appearance seem to be a big industry, There are some that goes to customizing the screen appearance to look like some thing else ie a nokia 5800 screen to emulate the iphone or samsung. Symbian Phones especially S60 and also the S40 screen are highly customizable, and the look are call themes, Some themes are simple, just basically wall paper, while some are elaborate with their own fonts, icons and even animation.

I understand that the Nokia 5800 will come with some basic themes, as such I brouse through a few web sites such as Mobile 9, Symbian Themes, Tekseven, Own Skin and of course Nokia Ovi for some other themes that will cheer me up, give the phone a bit of colour, reflect my interests etc and hopefully I can install them into the phone together with the auto theme scheduler I mention earlier.

Well I mange to get 10 that interest me. Some Chinese, Techno, Colourfull, as well as my favorite Show, Star Trek. Now its time for me to do the same for my wife Nokia X3.

Mobile Phones is very different from b4. ;-)

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