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Aide Memoire for Nokia 5800

Aide Memoire for Nokia 5800

This is my online aide memoire for things I need to know and remember for my new coming Nokia 5800, which is divided in to

1. Websites and what it’s contents

2. Others items required

Blog readers that utilise the Nokia 5800, and feel they need some tips please feel free to utilised but at your own risk and preference as website content may be time sensitive etc, and my preference can be different from yours.

Usefull Websites and it’s contents

1. Ovi at

Firstly we have OVI, the Nokia own content website, which has contents for all of its phones, Some are free, some are chargeable, all of if official and workable inclusive of demo versions. You can infact down load it direct to your phone.

While using the Nokia N82 frankly I have ignore Ovi as it was new when I purchase the Nokia N82, now i feel that Ovi have matured, and have some good content. Looking into what Ovi has for the 5800 I have to say I am pretty happy (for Now) with it contents especially the free content, there is a good number of application I would like to down load, and it even has E books and comics, games download is similar to the Nokia N82, though this time I will be avoiding demo versions.

What look interesting (apps) to me at ovi are the following, Weather touch, Bright light touch, Level Touch, Angle Meter touch, Facebook for nokia, Best Screen Snap, Green Charging, Notebook touch, Nokia Photo (Beta), Egg Timer Touch, Tic Tac Toe touch, Memory Status Touch, Voice Recorder Touch, Nokia Handwriting calculator, Coin Toss, Best Answering Machine, Crono Watch, Bable Phone English – Chinese.

2. Nokia5800 at

This web/blog is pretty much on Nokia 5800 only with user tips, reviews of applications , themes, games etc pretty useful actually for those starting up with this phone

It has pointed me to a free SMS web site for Malaysia, India, Kuwait,UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines See No 3 below

Further it has pointed me to Videora Nokia 5800 Converter which will convert all formats (especially those that cannot be display by the phone) to Nokia 5800 viewable size and format. You can down load the converter here at

3. 160by2 at

While I have not try it out, it seem to offer Free SMS services in return of Advertisement imbedded in your sms, which can be send to the Malaysia, India, Kuwait,UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines. You are limited to 80 characters and there will be a 80 characters adv making it a total of 160 characters.

You are further limited to 50 sms a day with a further limit of 10 sms can be to one particular number. I do hope I can try this out soon, both on the Nokia 5800 and on my lap top computer.

4. Nokias60V5 at

Is another great site for information, apps, themes and games for all Symbian 60 V 5 phones, which means that it may not work on the Nokia 5800 especially widgets as the Nokia 5800 do not currently support widgets.

There is this “Huge Battery Widget” at Huge Battery Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles that I would like to try.

There is this motion sensor flying game at

Then this app that convert the led flash in to a torch at there is also Switch Color, Morse function,

This auto theme scheduler look like a must have at which will enable the Nokia 5800 to change theme automatically.

The Accu Weather application also look nice at

There is also a special PDF reader which will resize automatically, so we do not have to scroll right and left. I saw it but did not make a note where.....

5. All About Symbian tutorial at

This web have tutorial and user tips for the Nokia 5800 nice.

6. 5800 best tips and trick at

Has also useful information.

Its best if you can get what you want from Ovi, as some of the apps etc cannot install properly if downloaded from other sites.


New OS Version = 40.0.005

Check out for some apps

*#0000# = firmware check

*#06# = imei

*#2820# = Bluetooth address

*#7380# = Restore Factory Setting Password 12345

*#7370# = Soft Reset Password 12345

*#92702689# = lifetimer

*#62209526# = mac address of wifi

Hard Rest Push botton Red, Green, Camera

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