Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Targeting at Nokia 5800

Look like the best hand phone with smart phone, Qwerty, Wifi, GPS capabilities from Nokia is the 5800.

I went to and selected the above choice, i ended with the N97, N97 mini, N900, E72, E 63, E61 and E90 with the Nokia 5800. Frankly N97, N97 mini and the N900 pricing is way out of my league. E72, E63, and E61 format is not what I like, the E90 I like but then the Nokia 5800 has the advantage of touch screen, and it now come with free voice navigation for life, (which can be updated)

Official list price for this unit is RM1190, and searching on lelong (new) i see price as low at RM930 to RM1200. On mudah, I saw a 2nd hand unit for as low as RM699. which comes within my budget. Went to a phone shop as enquire for a new phone, price given as RM930, trade in? they only offer RM400 for my nokia n82.

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