Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Hand Phone for My Wife, Nokia X3 the latest music phone

update: for my impression please click on the Nokia X3 tags

My Wife need a simple phone, for telephone calls, for sms, her only special request is that it can play music.

My Research lead me to the following phones, The 2630, 2730, 6306, 5130 Music Express, the Smart Phone Duo 5230 and the 5580 and the X3, I did up a comparison chart (above) and the discussion started.

First to be knock off the list is the 2630, no memory card.

The Nokia 2730 look ok, with all the right features with price tag around RM330 to RM390 , it even has 3G, but no Flash for the 2mp Camera

The Nokia 6360, for some reason there is no listing in lelong for 6360, so when i check the Mobile World mag the list price is given at RM660, I feel that this is high, for a non 3G phone, even if the camera is 3mp with led flash

The Nokia 5130 a basic music express with a 2 Mp camera No Flash, 2 G look better with the price range around RM300 to RM 400 which is around the price of the 2730 which have the more a less the same specs other then 3g.

The Smart Phone Duo Nokia 5230 and the Nokia 5530 which offer qwerty touchscreen would be overkill for my wife, she would not use those Wifi, apps features etc. and if when she need a gps I think it better for me to get for her a dedicated GPS when the time comes as I am doing all the driving.

The Nokia X3 together with the Nokia 2730 and the Nokia 5130 is left in running with the Nokia X3 winning on the "Cool" Slide Features and its FM Internal Ariel, No need to put in the Headphone! We decided to go with a 2G phone, and a no flash 3G camera. Even with a higher price of RM480 to RM550 given.

So this means that my Fuji S700 will have to play a more important role in camera duties, as the Nokia 5800 i decided to get camera is not as good as the Nokia N82 which I was using.

By the Way more checking done on the price for the Nokia N82, New Water Set RM930, Ori Warranty Set RM970, with trade in for N82 around 5800 together with all the accessories and the box, Look like time for me to dig out the N82 box which is somewhere in the storeroom. With such a small difference it will be better for me to get the Ori Nokia 500 music express, it seem that there is no navigation edition in malaysia yet.

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