Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Hand Phones?

After a discussion with my wife, we more a less decided that it time for us to get "new" Nokia hand phones for our selfs. New as in new to us, could be 2nd hand units etc.

Currently I use a Nokia N82, while my wife use my Sony SE 750i, both of them good phones just that we want to "consolidate" and make each of them user friendly in terms of memory cards, charges and programs, and we sort of decided on Nokia as it's user friendly, and well known brand.

I would like a PDA phone, with GPS ( I get lost when ever I head down to Klang Valley area), Fairly Good Camera for Blogging and work purpose, Wifi, documents reader, Adobe Reader for e books and games to while away the time. More importantly a Qwerty Key board to key in text fast. Obviously the New N97 and the N97 mini will be the best but looking at the price no way, So let see what choices I have.

For my wife, a simple "feature" phone, which should be a New phone, with camera, and mp3.

For my eldest, a similar phone as well with some games content.

looks like over the next few week i will be busy scouting out hand phone outlets, web pages, lelong, mudah.com as well as looking at magazines.

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