Monday, January 25, 2010

First Impression of a Digital Photo Frame


First Impression:

Mix, There is Good and there is Bad in the first week of use

First : The overall package

It come nicely box, good for a gift actually, the bad is the power adaptor which does not conform to our Malaysian 3 pin plug, the pin is flat type that cannot be force in, I have to buy a adaptor (lucky to find one that cost RM2.50), the good is that the box is well padded and sponge.


The Good is that the seller throw in a 8g Kington Thumb Drive, (was informed that the thumb drive is without warranty at point of purchase ) The Bad is that the thumb drive does not work properly, some files cannot read, after I transfer it to the thumb drive. Even after I reformat the entire thumb drive twice it still gives problems. So cannot use the thumb drive. Good and Bad .....

2nd : The Manual / Operation System

The Manual is in Chinese, with some English translation, I manage to figure it out how to get it to work, quite intuitive once you grasp the English translation. By default the main menu is in Chinese and after changing it to English, it resets to Chinese once you switch the power off. Another thing is the display on TV function does not seem to work. Will keep on trying. Good and Bad again


3rd : The Photo Display

Decent enough, I don’t know why some ppl advice more than 480 by 234 pixels is required to get a good. I tried out the same photo in 3MB files (from my Sony S700 super zoom camera) and resize it down to my computer desk top rez which is around 100b files, look exactly the same. Good


Once you hit the photo or photo & music ICON, by default it will start the slide show, however some times it does not load properly and reset back to the menu page.

Also once a while when in transition to the next photo it hangs, mid transition, and some time the music also hangs.

When it work properly its good, when it does not, it annoy me.

4th : The Power adaptor get “Hot”

The Power Adaptor get hot!, very Hot when in use, too hot for me to feel safe leaving it on all the time. Why would I want to leave it on all the time?


Well, this DPF have a few other function, one function is a clock, another function is a calander and a time, it have a alarm clock function, it’s the size of a photo that you will place at your desk. The first time I switch it on, I left it on clock mode while I had my dinner, by the time I got back to the room the adaptor was very Hot.


I was thinking that I could use this DPF as a clock / alarm / photo display either at the side of my bed or place it at my office desk.


My “experience” with this device is mix, good and bad. Certain things I can forgive or understand. Certain things no.

1. The Chinese by default and manual is understandable as its made it China for the China Market

2. Even the “Hang” in the photo display / music playing and reset to main menu when it fail to load correctly is also understandable and forgivable , as even microsoft have problems with it screen saver display. (At least my laptop have when i set a slide show as a screen saver using my own photo)

3. The Adaptor getting hot, sucks, I feel this turns a great affordable multifunction device in to a run of the mill device. From potentially a best seller where one can purchase more then one for one own use or even as gifts to just buy one .

4. I feel it’s a bad business practice to give a free (with out warranty) item and then find out that the items only work some times. Once you annoy some one, (and with this some time working thingi) ppl will in the future remember and will discount the free items even if they will buy from you again.

Overall the DPF works, it display my photos, and it is much more affordable then the rest. Will I get another one for my desk at work, or as a gift for some one? – not this DPF .

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