Sunday, October 4, 2009

Revisit to Tree Shade Restaurant at Weld Quay

Refer to my past blog post and photos) of this restaurant here

While waiting for the Pesta Tanglung to Open, i park my car at bishop street at 6pm and with my entire family in tow, i walk towards the Tanjung City Marina for some photo taking. The weather was initially beautiful, but black clouds came in, as such seeking shelter and dinner we went into the tree shade restaurant.

As I am with my family this time, all our dish I ordered is with out chilli. I order 6 dish, all of them small with the total cost coming to RM87 for the meal with out drinks.

Plain Steam Garupa fish (the best dish of the night)

Fried Yu Char Koey, with stuffing and topped with Mayonnaise

Clam in Bean Paste

Oyster Omelet

Plain Stir Fried Bean Sprouts

Braised Pork Legs

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