Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Eats at Weld Quay, Penang Island

Some time I just wonder why people will travel a long distance for good food when better food is available right at their door steps? In Penang Island right at the the Ferry Jetty is this quaint little restaurant that give 5 star restaurant a good fight for their money in terms of taste.

Weld Quay Tree Shade Restaurant is a non halal restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner, except for Wednesdays. I am ashame to say as a Penanite, that I was introduce to this restaurant by a KL boy. I will not provide a GPS Location, as this place is very easy to find, Go to the Penang Ferry Jetty and look on the other side of the road, you will find this place. Parking is easy, Park just infront of the Penang Kastam Office.

The Restaurant is set up, with the kitchen right infront and you will have a small passage way to walk past the Tree, the kitchen to the back where the seating is located. Business and the food here is good enough for them to have another "lot" for extra seating.

Ordering here is easy with all the Food Displayed right infront of your eyes when you walk in. Point and say how you will like to have it done.
We arrive quite late for lunch 2pm plus, it was quite but the verity of food avaliable is still there. We order 4 items, and it was serve very fast with total bill comming up to less then RM40/- .

Starter of Papodoms with a dip of curry gravy

Deep Fried Black Promfret with Bean Gravy

Sotong Kong Po

Curry Prawns

"Sa Lo Ma" Vegetable with sambal belachan

Now a word of warning, for those that are use to "high class" and "proper" restaurants, you should give this place a miss. this Restaurant is Clean, but there are those that are very "Fussy" don give this a try.

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